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ULTRAGENE™-HPV One qPCR Kit Introduction The UltraGene ™HPV One qPCR Kit uses probe based qPCR technology to detect HPV with high specificity. Each sequence specific probe contains a 5 fluorophore and a 3 quencher. On its own, the probe’s 3 quencher effectively absorbs the emission from the nearby 5 fluorophore so that no net fluorescence …

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Human Papillomavirus (HPV) DeepChek Assay HPV Genotyping RUO More Info

DeepChek Assay HPV Genotyping

DeepChek Assay HPV Genotyping Introduction The DeepChek® Assay HPV genotyping V1 (RUO) kit is a single tube system which utilizes PCR technology for amplifying relevant portions of the human papilloma virus (HPV) L1 gene from input DNA extracted from cervical specimens. This nucleic acid amplification method might aid in the typing of HPV viruses and …

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DeepChek® Assay HIV-1 Full PR/RT/INT Drug Resistance

DeepChek® Assay HIV-1 Full PR/RT/INT Drug Resistance Introduction The DeepChek® Assay HIV-1 Full PR/RT/INT Drug Resistance is intended to be used for amplifying the whole pol region which is a relevant portion of the human immunodeficiency virus type one (HIV-1). The entire codons spanning positions of the Reverse Transcriptase RT, Protease  (PR) & Integrase (INT) gene …

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BKV Genotyping

BKV Genotyping DeepChek®-Assay Whole Genome BKV Genotyping RUO More Infos

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