MediaChek HomeScreen saliva collection kit

Safe and Easy-to-Use device for HOME sample collection


The MediaChek HomeScreen sample collection kit is an oral/upper respiratory tract specimen collection kit used for the collection, transportation and storage of saliva specimen. It consists of a non- suctioning specimen collection tool (i.e. saliva collection funnel), a covered specimen receptacle with a viral inactivation and preservation solution and specimen mailing packing. This is a single-use device.
This product collects saliva through the collection tube, and evenly mixes the oral fluid with inactivation and preservation solution. It also could be used for downstream applications such as virus detection, genetic detection, ELISA, PCR and extraction of saliva microorganisms, etc …


Instructions to the individual for saliva specimen sampling procedure


▪ 10 units per kit

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MediaChek HomeScreen Saliva Collection Kit (10 units)



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