The DeepChek® Assay -HIV Integrase Genotyping and Drug Resistance Afficher l’image source is intended to be used for HIV-1 genotyping and provides antiretroviral susceptibility information for protease inhibitors (PI) and reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTI, NNRTI). It combines target-specific PCR reagents with in vitro diagnostic software both compatible with either Sanger or Next Generation Sequencing platforms..

Features & Benefits

Technology Security Main Features Additional Features Services
• Web-based (browser only) • Software & database • Local or Cloud (+HDS) hosting • Unlimited user accounts •Unlimited analyses
• Data access restriction (pools, read-only mode…) •Logging of user accesses •Encrypted database • Reports validation
• SANGER data management (AB1, FASTA) with embedded chromatogram editor • NGS data management (FASTQ) with dedicated pipeline • Genotyping (per sample & cumulative) • Subtyping • Virtual-phenotyping • Drug resistance through up-to-date guidelines • GSS determination and regiment ranking • Tropism • Reporting & labelling
• Report customization • Contamination check • Quality control • Export (reports, FASTA, XML…) • Batch mode analysis • Data mining
• Constant updates • Annual upgrades (versions) • Historical data import • LIMS integration • HIS integration • Support • Trainings

Characteristics & Performances

Compatibility with Capillary Electrophoresis (SANGER) platforms
Compatibility with Next Generation Sequencing platforms
Intended use
CE-IVD – ISO-9001 manufacturing
Types of samples
Serum, plasma, pro-viral DNA, DBS
24 samples/kit
RT-PCR & Nested-PCR reagents (enzymes, master mixes, primers, dNTPs...), SANGER sequencing primers, protocols for SANGER and NGS sequencing, SANGER or NGS software analyses for 24 samples through a Cloud access
1000 cp/mL for 400 µL plasma/serum. Protocols for low viral loads (>200 - 300 cp/mL) available
Validated on most of the subtypes and CRF strains
From sample to result in ~15 hours for SANGER and ~30 hours for NGS (depending on the platform)
Covered positions
PR: codons 1 to 99, RT: codons 1 to 320
Compatible extraction methods
Automatic (MagNA Pure Compact Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit I - Roche, Promega - Abbott), Manual (Manual extractions using QIAamp® Viral RNA - Qiagen)...
Data analysis and interpretation software
Included (DeepChek-HIV / CE-IVD)
Available analyses
Subtyping, amino-acid mutations detection, nucleotide changes detection, drug resistance, NGS run quality report, GSS, clinical genotyping report...
Drug resistance
Flexible, through up to 7 different up-to-date guidelines including HIVdb/Stanford, ANRS, geno2pheno, Rega,...
Included services
Unlimited updates & upgrades of the software, support, training...
Local servers, historical data import, integration with LIS and HIS, integration with sequencers, automation of the IT workflow, customization...

Exemples of Reports

For NGS Sequencing (DeepChek®-HIV CE-IVD)

For SANGER Sequencing (Viroscore® CE-IVD)

Ordering Information

Product Reference
DeepChek® Assay PROTEASE / REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE Genotyping and Drug Resistance (CE-IVD)
DeepChek® HIV Software (CE-IVD)
S-12-023 (HL)
ViroScore-HIV Annual Software License (CE-IVD)



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