DeepChek® Assay NS5B / 5’UTR Genotyping


The DeepChek® Assay  NS5B / 5’UTR Genotyping  (RUO) kit is a single tube system which use PCR technology for amplifying relevant portions  of the Hepatitis-C Virus (HCV) NS5B / 5’UTR gene from input RNA extracted from plasma/serum

This nucleic acid amplification method might aid in the typing of HCV viruses. This test is NOT intended to be used as a screening or confirmation test for the detection, confirmation, and quantification of HCV infection. .

The kit is compatible with Sanger & NGS workflow.

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DeepChek® Assay NS5B / 5’UTR Genotyping
DeepChek® - HCV Software / Module
S12-023 (CL) /
S12-023 (CM)



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