ABL DIAGNOSTICS (ABLD) has announced the signing of a liquidity contract with ALLInvest Securities, effective from the morning of 24.04.2024.

ABL Diagnostics SA (EPA:ABLD)WOIPPY, FRANCE, April 24, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — ABL DIAGNOSTICS (ticker ABLD, ISIN FR001400AHX6), Euronext Compartment B, announces that it has signed a liquidity contract with ALLInvest Securities, effective from the morning of April 24, 2024.

This liquidity contract complies with the AMAFI charter and the AMF decision no. 2021-01 of June 22, 2021, in force since July 1, 2021, which establishes liquidity contracts for equity securities as an accepted market practice and all other provisions referred to therein.

In order to implement the contract signed with ALLInvest Securities, the following funds have been allocated to the liquidity account:
– 30.000 €.

Suspension of the liquidity contract:
– Under the conditions set out in article 5 of the AMF decision,
– in certain situations and in particular when the issuer is no longer authorized to repurchase its own shares.

Termination of the contract:
– By either party, subject to a notice period of 2 months,
– by the Animator, if the liquidity provider contract between the Animator and Euronext Paris is terminated.


ABL DIAGNOSTICS designs, develops, manufactures, markets and supports in France and internationally, directly or via a network of exclusive distributors in 45 countries, molecular detection (UltraGene®) and genotyping (DeepChek®) assays for infectious diseases. These are the result of proprietary know-how acquired over the years through scientific collaboration with renowned teams.

In particular, ABL DIAGNOSTICS has developed high-tech medical devices for chronic infectious diseases by genotyping HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis and Tuberculosis, as well as for genotyping SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) and other viral and bacterial targets.

ABL DIAGNOSTICS offers its customers additional products in the patient care value chain, such as sample collection kits (MediaChek®), a specialized electronic medical record (Nadis®, installed in over 200 hospitals in France) and medical devices for viral extraction, amplification, sequencing and medical biology laboratory automation.

With facilities in Woippy, Paris and Marseille, the company generated revenue of €8.7 million in 2022 and employs 17 people.

ABL DIAGNOSTICS is listed on Euronext compartment B of NYSE EURONEXT – ISIN code: FR001400AHX6.


Dr Sayada
ABL Diagnostics SA
+33 7 83 64 68 50

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